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  • Title: Denpro | Denpro - CAD CAM Dental products
    Descriptive info: .. English.. About us.. Scanners.. TRIOS Scanners.. Lab scanners.. Software.. Printing.. Milling.. Prosthetic solutions.. Support.. Contact Us.. These industry-leading scanners scan physical models to produce digital data used to produce the final cast or machined crowns, bridges or other dental prosthetics.. Denpro integrates these dental scanners as one part  ...   a turnkey manufacturing system.. Read more.. 3D Systems Printing.. Most productive, highest capacity dental CAD/CAM printers.. News.. New TRIOS 3D scanning solutions.. Scanner D900.. CAM 4-K3 and CAM 4-K4 Impression.. Partners:.. UAB “DENPRO” / V.. Mykolaičio - Putino str.. 10-44, Vilnius, Lithuania / m.. +370 630 07 879 / e..

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  • Title: About us | Denpro - CAD CAM Dental products
    Descriptive info: The company Uab „Denpro“ is a dental trading company established in January, 2011.. Since then we are growing and developing our business interests.. The company provides a wide range of dental products.. related to CAD CAM technologies and materials.. We offer dental products always meeting the latest and highest world quality and reliability standards.. We represent world leading companies.. 3 shape, 3D Systems, Vhf, Nt-trading, Avinent, White peaks.. and.. Metoxit.. in Lithuania and Latvia.. Go back..

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  • Title: TRIOS Scanners | Denpro - CAD CAM Dental products
    Descriptive info: TRIOS CART solution.. TRIOS POD solution.. Integrated Chair solutions.. The TRIOS.. ®.. CART radiates an aura of technology in a sleek design that heightens your patient’s visit-experience and enhances the image of your clinic.. Clinics can choose between a TRIOS.. Standard or a TRIOS.. Color solution.. POD solution is an alternative to the cart and offers both mobility and flexibility for dentists working in multiple locations or for clinics with limited space.. Streamline your clinic, enhance the experience, and save space with TRIOS integrated chair solutions.. Control and view all scan activity on a chair-mounted iPad or other displays..

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  • Title: Lab scanners | Denpro - CAD CAM Dental products
    Descriptive info: Scanner D500.. Scanner D700 And Scanner D710 with Multi Die Scanning.. Scanner D800 And Scanner D810 with Multi Die Scanning.. Scanner R700 Orthodontic scanner.. The D900 lab scanner gives users very high scan-speeds, unique color scanning capabilities, enhanced details, and high accuracy.. Four high-res 5MP cameras and new blue LED technology provide extraordinary speed and highly accurate color scanning.. Perfect for large high volume, productive-orientated labs.. The D900 is constructed using a thermally stable special metal alloy for consistent accuracy even in demanding lab environments.. Your easy entry into CAD/CAM digital dentistry.. The D500 is designed to provide powerful 3D scanning for any laboratory size and budget.. With support for impression scanning capabilities, the D500 represents one of the market's most attractive entry-level investments.. The 3Shape D700 and D710 Dental Scanners are optimized for 3D scanning of both impression and gypsum models, and they surpass all performance norms for scan  ...   detail levels for even the most advanced indications.. With its new and unique Texture Scanning capabilities plus 5.. 0 MP cameras, 3Shape’s D800 series scanners wield the market’s most advanced 3D scanning technologies.. This is a no-limitations device, providing high productivity, extreme accuracy and the complete scope of dental indications for full-service labs that accept only the best.. The 3Shape D810 Dental Scanner takes labs to whole new productivity levels with high speed scanning, and ultra-efficient batch and multi-case processing capabilities.. With its new and unique Texture Scanning feature plus 5.. 0 megapixel cameras, 3Shape's D810 scanners wield the market's most advanced 3D scanning technologies.. Fast and reliable 3D scanning for storage and analysis of orthodontic models.. 3Shape's.. R700 is a state-of-the-art 3D scanner specifically developed to scan dental stone models.. in proper occlusion.. Unique features of the R700 scanner guarantee reliable superior scan results without compromising ease of use..

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  • Title: Software | Denpro - CAD CAM Dental products
    Descriptive info: 3shape Dental System Inbox.. 3shape DentalDesigner.. 3shape OrthoAnalyzer.. 3Shape's Dental System Inbox™ offers a fully integrated order flow - from the dentist to the lab and from the lab to the manufacturer.. Inbox™ is a powerful remote order management tool that automates and optimizes time-consuming order-administration processes and enables technicians to be more productive.. Three free Inbox™ user-licenses are included with every Dental System™ Premium.. 3Shape DentalDesigner™ is a flexible and customizable CAD software product for designing a great variety of dental  ...   interesting features of the software is its capability to design occlusal surfaces on the basis of pre-defi ned “library” teeth.. You may even create your own libraries.. OrthoAnalyzer™ allows users to customize their orthodontic case analyses and match them to their specific methods and needs.. The powerful analysis solution offered by Ortho Analyzer™ lets users freely select and combine the different analysis tools, and organize these into logical workflows.. This ensures analysis consistency across cases, user efficiency and optimal quality of orthodontic results..

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  • Title: Printing | Denpro - CAD CAM Dental products
    Descriptive info: 3D Systems - ProJet® 3510 MP.. 3D systems - ProJet® 3510 DP.. The ProJet 3510 MP Printing System is designed for use in laboratories with extended unattended operation and same day processing to reduce time and cost.. The system can produce any size model with a choice of two print modes, smooth and matte.. Multiple models can be built at one time.. This Dental Professional 3D Printer accurately, consistently and economically manufactures precision wax-ups for dental labs..

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  • Title: Milling | Denpro - CAD CAM Dental products
    Descriptive info: CAM 5-S1 and CAM 5-S2 Impression.. This new machine series maintains successful characteristics of the K models: the easy operation, the compact high-quality construction and the very favourable price! Furthermore, the series opens new machining possibilities to the user and makes it more comfortable.. Extremely Compact and Highly Precise.. vhf  ...   which distinguish themselves by very compact dimensions: CAM 4-K3 and CAM 4-K4.. Both systems have been developed especially for the requirements of the dental technology so that crown and bridge frameworks with up to fourteen units as well as inlays, onlays, abutments and veneers can be milled comfortably and precisely..

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  • Title: Prosthetic solutions | Denpro - CAD CAM Dental products
    Descriptive info: Nt – trading products.. Innovative hybrid abutment solution for ten different implant systems will fundamentally change dental CAD/CAM technology, as it will support physicians and technicians in the implementation of new individual treatment processes and prosthetic treatment for the patients.. Products compatible with:..

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  • Title: Support | Denpro - CAD CAM Dental products
    Descriptive info: We provide technical support to our customers.. If you would like to get more information about our products please fill in the form below.. Request for technical support.. First name.. Last name.. Company.. E-mail address.. Phone number.. Message..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Denpro - CAD CAM Dental products
    Descriptive info: UAB “DENPRO”.. V.. 10-19,.. Vilnius, Lithuania.. e-mail.. Name..

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  • Title: Scanner D900 | Denpro - CAD CAM Dental products
    Descriptive info: RealColor™ Technology captures all textures and colors.. Texture scanning captures 2D images of the model surface and precisely overlays these on the 3D model, enhancing visualization of surface details and allowing technicians to include hand-drawn design guidance markings in the digital design.. RealColor™ Technology on the D900 allows technicians to capture colored markings, indicating different design details.. Market’s most extensive suite of scan indications.. All standard scan indications and in addition impression scanning, post core, 16-unit bridges, articulated antagonist model, wax-up bridges for copy milling, deep inlays, pre-preparation model, un-sectioned model for temporaries, implant position and orientation detection, wax-up customized abutment and wax-up implant bridges for copy milling.. The range of available indications depends on the Dental System™ version - Standard/Premium.. Implant bridge and bar accuracy.. Every day labs  ...   orientations ensuring excellent passive fit.. High productivity with Multi-Die scanning.. Multi-Die scanning provides labs with efficient batch and multi-case processing.. Dies for one or more cases are fixed to the Multi-Die plate, and scanning is automatic, freeing the technician to work with other tasks.. Next generation multidie technology on the D900 optimizes speed and performance without compromising accuracy.. Specifications.. Highly Accurate Scanning.. Cameras:.. 4 cameras.. Light technology:.. Blue LED.. Accuracy*:.. 15 microns.. Gypsum model scanning:.. ✓.. Impression scanning:.. ✓ (add on).. Multi-die scanning:.. ✓ (new technology).. Texture scanning:.. Color Texture.. Scan time:.. single die 15 Sec (19 sec).. 3 unit bridge 65 Sec (85 sec).. Typical Software package**:.. Dental System™ Premium.. * Measured using metrology gauge block.. ** Availability of specific configurations depends on country and reseller.. Download Brochure..

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